COVID-19 July 31 Understanding Source Information

Understanding Source Information

Where did the source come from and who is “They” and who are the “Doctors”?

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DOWNLOAD the 4 stages of infection

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One thought on “COVID-19 July 31 Understanding Source Information

  1. Eric Durak says:

    Steven – I am reading your information and looking over your videos on a more regular basis. We have known each other on the periphery for many years. I have also been researching and writing about vaccines for over 28 years, and in that time have been able to work with some of the front line people in the vaccine freedom movement. Let me say first – if someone wants to get a shot – that is their business. However, I am in disagreement with everyone who thinks that an essentially untested vaccine like covid from companies like Moderna (not a vaccine company) will bring this nation back to “normal”. I believe you know better as well. In looking over your extensive web site – you are selling supplements for health. You are also pushing the envelope of health. Most people could care less – and all vaccine companies want is to make products – sell them and (as you know) since they have no legal liability for their product, they will make in my estimation, a sub-par product. I saw your response to your initial post. I believe that many people have “made up their minds” regarding many aspects of covid, lockdowns, masks, etc. However – I come at this from a couple of stances. First is that medical science as we now know it is dead. From John Ioannidis and Michael Levitt from Standford, to the consistent mind changing from govt. agencies, to the back door issues from CDC, we have a credibility problem here, and a vaccine won’t solve the mess from this agency, which is years in the making. The second is legal – most of the “policy” on all issues on covid was made against national and state constitutional issues. The fact that courts in CA, and MI have struck down all mandates from both governors is telling – but they continue. Third is Occam’s Razor – the simple explanation here is that we achieved herd immunity in August, and the “pandemic” has been over since then. Most of the noise over the past five months has hurt this nation and brought it to its knees. You can explain away some issues with covid, but the main issue here is that these lockdowns have ruined many small businesses, pushed people into depression and suicide, changed education and medicine, which will cause a portion of them to go out of business, while the major players in the country make more money. I have seen this coming – and now here we are. Will we ever recover? No, because (with the exception of a few of us), no one is really out in the streets demanding that these government workers actually follow the law. As other issues sift through the sand, it will be the legal issues that will put the final aspects to this nation wide crisis – and of course I have not a lot of respect for the criminal justice system. However – I will continue to follow your writings, and see where you are in the coming months. I wish you and Natalie the best for 2021.

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