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1 Month ( 12 mL ) Acceleris™
1 Month ( 10 mL ) Canna Radiance

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Members: Acceleris $39.95 / CannaRadiance $29.95 = $69.95
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(must purchase to be entered into the contest)

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The person with the most dramatic improvement wins a 3 month supply of Acceleris and CannaRadiance – a $300 value!

Photo Contest – WIN 3 Months Supply from The Healthy Skeptics on Vimeo.

Microsoft’s Cortana Analytics uses “Perceptual Intelligence” to view a photo of your face, instantly compare it to 50 million other faces, and tell you how old you appear. Don’t worry. Microsoft does not keep your photo, and you do not submit your name or any personal information. This is just for fun.

At the same time, it gives us another way to demonstrate the anti-aging benefits of Acceleris and CannaRadiance. So here’s the contest:

1. Purchase a month supply of Acceleris and CannaRadiance at the Photo Op Special – SAVE $20 !(For product descriptions and research support, click here) 

2. Take a few BEFORE face shots. (make sure lighting is good)

3.  Go to for your photo age.

4. Apply CannaRadiance daily to “trouble spots” for four weeks.

5. Apply Acceleris three times a week (eg Monday, Wednesday, Friday) for four weeks

6. Then take similar photos with similar lighting in the same location. If your Photo age is younger than your “before” photo, send both to:

In return, we will send you an applicator of Acceleris absolutely FREE with your next order!

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