Who is Active Stem?

Another marketing company blanketing social media with hype and webaloney.

LCR Health operating as scienceasasolution combines a handful of anti-aging compounds in a “proprietary blend” (in order to hide the actual amounts) and sells it for $46.99. This is a quote from their site, accessed on 04/13/17 at:

“What makes Active Stem different from other anti-aging supplements?

Active Stem works on a cellular level by boosting the proliferation of adult stem cells – or “master cells” – in your body. This repairs damage to your muscles, organs, skin, and brain.”

Now, healthy skeptics, repeat after me: “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

What evidence does LCR Health provide to demonstrate that taking their product will increase stem cells and brain repair? NONE. ZERO. ZIP.

Yeah, it’s that bad. And getting worse. Someone oughta do something about that.



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  1. I usually agree with you guys but in this particular case, calling it a “scam” might be a bit harsh unless you consider the entire “anti aging” and vitamin supplement industry a scam all together. I have done a bit of research on this subject purely for my own personal use and although there is no “actual” proof that it increases stem cells, the fact is that all of the ingredients are known to help repair the body on a “cellular” level and have found that buying these ingredients separately would cost approximately the same or more. As far as the term “proprietary blend”, its just too easy to imitate a product especially if it shows strong interest, so I really can’t blame any company from trying to delay the eventual “generic” version. Everyone is different and results will always vary from person to person. There are too many products to mention that the scientific community claimed have no actual “evidence” of improving health or lifestyle but still have avid believers based on their own personal experience. The bottom line should always be to be skeptical of extreme claims but the results may be significant enough in any particular person to show overall improvement. I intend to purchase this product and try it for 30 days. I will provide another comment after use with my own personal results and experience. Thank you.

    James Finnegan
    December 3, 2017 Reply
    • What have been your results. Will u continue?

      December 14, 2017 Reply
      • I have been on for 3 weeks, partly. Very bad taste and working on mix of juices that can tune down the bad taste. Naked smoothies seem the best. Results were immediate. Skin better, psorasis, better, back aches better. I was a skeptic, but this makes the claim only to enhance the bodies output of stem cells to solve it’s own problems. Seems to be moving me in proper direction. More as we go.


        December 23, 2017 Reply
        • Dan please keep us posted

          December 26, 2017 Reply
        • Any update Dan? Super curious it’s been over a month now right?

          January 6, 2018 Reply
      • I’ve been adding it to my smoothies for about 2 years now. I noticed a marked improvement in my energy level within a few weeks and when I accidentally run out, I can tell the difference after a few weeks. I’m typically VERY skeptical of these type of products, but I stand by this one. I’m not a scientist and cannot attest to the ingredients or provide a biological reason why it seems to be working for me, but I’m convinced it works.

        October 2, 2018 Reply
    • James

      How is your trial going?

      January 1, 2018 Reply
      • I have been using Active Stem for about a year now. I feel generally better and more energetic. The most notable benefit for me has been better sleep. I stopped using it for a couple of months and realized I wasn’t sleeping very well. So I resumed taking it.
        I don’t know about the cellular rejuvenation aspect or how it affects others – I just know it works for me. Hope this feedback helps others.

        October 31, 2018 Reply
  2. I just wants to make a question: all the studies mentioned in this video are False, as well the results that they said the studies has produce?
    This is the video:

    Cesar Vicente
    December 4, 2017 Reply
  3. I’m 50 years old is safe for me to take active stem?

    Rodolfo serna
    January 6, 2018 Reply
  4. I just received it and tried it last night. the taste was so bad , I am not sure if I should trust this product. They said that the taste was not bad?

    January 12, 2018 Reply
  5. I bought this product about 3 week ago, I seem to have more energy. and i have had to take less of my pain pills. I am going to try this for about 3 months. and if i keep feeling better i am going to use it all of the time.

    February 10, 2018 Reply
  6. Sounded great but before I buy I want proof. Documented proof.

    Cheryl , Nurse
    September 2, 2018 Reply
  7. I start started this product a week ago. I’m a believer!!!! I have lost 5 pounds and feel more energy. Don’t seem to want to sit down anymore. I am 66 years old & this product seems to be working for me. I do have a problem with the taste and mixing it is not easy. I pour it into a half a glass of juice & then heat the juice to warm & mix the solution. Then I refrigerate the juice and it taste good that way.

    September 5, 2018 Reply
  8. I have been using this product for 90 days. I do have more energy. It has enabled me to have better exercise sessions. I have noticed a better mental disposition and better mind clarity. I am reordering the product. I am a 70 year old male and a stage three cancer survivor.

    frank alioto
    September 18, 2018 Reply
  9. I am a 68-year old gal who went through 9 months of physical therapy for sciatica and degenerative back/bone disease. At one point, I could not put weight onto my right leg as I stepped up into our pick-up truck. After my insurance refused further treatment, I turned to Active Stem as a Hail Mary from my personal physician. My symptoms have diminished in the 4 months I have used the product—I can step up into the pick-up truck without having to grasp the hand bar for assistance.
    The taste is not as bad as others have suggested, IMO. I mix AS a gallon at a time and it seems to dissolve better after sitting a bit.
    I am a believer.

    marianne bunn
    October 18, 2018 Reply
  10. I take Active Stem every morning. I put one scoop in my mouth then I drink pomegranate juice to swallow it. It works and I don’t taste it. Just make sure you don’t inhale after you pour the scoop in your mouth.

    Greg Ramirez
    November 4, 2018 Reply

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