Healthy Skeptics’ product newsletter October 2021

Healthy Skeptics’ product newsletter October 2021

What’s inside:

    1. Update on supply chain issues, inflation, censorship and business in general. Stephen’s Crystal Ball predictions.
    2. Sale Items for October 15 through November 30
    3. Coming soon: Ultra high potency CBD
    4. Product feedback: We hear you, and answer FAQ’s


  1. Doing business during a pandemic was hard enough. Then global supply chain issues made everything worse. Our cost for anything from outside the US increased overnight. Thus you will see a small price increase on Icelandic Omega-3 fish oil. Also, we’re shipping fish oil in oversized bottles with child-proof caps, simply because that’s all that is available – anywhere.

Q: When will everything get back to normal?

A: If by normal, you mean, when will prices go back to pre-pandemic levels, the answer is never. That’s because shortages always cause price increases. You know, supply and demand. And even when supply issues are resolved, there are huge inflationary forces at work in the US. Stimulus checks, billions of dollars already spent on pandemic relief, and the prospect of trillions more for infrastructure represents an enormous expansion of money in the system. As the amount of money in the economy increases, the value of a dollar decreases. We are seeing this unfold right now, first with big ticket items like houses and cars, and now touching everything from toilet paper to grocery items.

You might want to stock up on your favorite Healthy Skeptics / Altea Health Sciences products in advance of price increases coming in January. We’ve held prices now for four years, even with escalating ingredient, packaging and shipping costs  (three USPS increases in the last 18 months). Looking at the nutritional supplement industry, we are still in the value leader category, and take great pride in the quality of our line, posting independent lab certification for purity and potency on both websites: and

Speaking of our websites, you may have noticed that many of our videos are “unavailable.” That’s because YouTube took down our entire channel comprised of more than 200 videos.

It seems that any video that includes the words CBD, vitamin D or DHEA is automatically branded as misinformation. Be assured that we have backups, and are restoring these important learning tools as fast as we can.

  1. Product Specials

Even with rising costs, we are able to offer three Fall specials, good through November 30.

  1. Acceleris Anti-aging skin cream. Details at:

Fall Special: Save 20%

One applicator: Retail $24  Member: $19.25
TWO-pack: Retail: $39.95   Member: $32.00
FOUR-pack: Retail: $64.00  Member: $51.25

  1. Canine’s Best Days CBD treats. Details at:

Fall Special: Save 20%

60 Chews (each providing 2 mg broad-spectrum, organic, sun-grown CBD): Retail and Member price: $24.00

  1. CBD 280 Cream. Details at:

Fall Special: Save 20%
Retail: $48.00   Member: $38.50

III. New: Launching November 1st  Ultra High-potency CBD at an unbelievable price.

Look, we know that the CBD market is confusing, with new terms cropping up like Emulsified, water emulsion, liposome, hydrotech and phytosome. We’re straight up, plain and simple a nano-processed, 100% water-dispersible tincture. That means we took CBD oil and pushed it under enormous pressure through nanotubes, producing particles so small (under 100 nanometers) that they become water-soluble. *

* Those of you with experience in Univera will remember that we used the same technology to create water-dispersible cranberry seed oil for use in Essentials.™

It’s no surprise that this produces dramatic increases in potency and bioavailability. In fact, each 30 mL (1 oz) dropper bottle is standardized to provide 3,000 mg CBD. You read that right; roughly 6 times the potency of conventional oil tinctures.

Q: Will it cost 6 x as much?

  1. It could. Some high-potency CBD products are selling for $150 and more. Not us. Because we’re starting with a proprietary hemp strain with the highest CBD content, and all operations are right here in the Pacific Northwest, (and we’re not MLM) we’re launching this Altea Health Sciences product for $89 retail, Healthy Skeptics Member price: $79.

This is an unbeatable value, because the starting dose is 6 to 9 drops, meaning that a bottle is going to last most people about three months. We’ve been testing our Nano CBD with four groups: Anxiety, chronic pain, sports & fitness and sleep quality. The most dramatic results are in our chronic pain group, with some people able to reduce or discontinue using narcotic pain pills. Our sports & fitness group (mostly MMA fighters) are putting 6 drops in their post-workout drink, reporting faster recovery and less stiffness and soreness.

Q: Will you continue selling the High Country Labs MCT oil tincture and gelcaps?

  1. Yes. Both products are valuable and we have many auto-ship monthly users. At the same time, we would encourage CBD customers to try Nano CBD and let us know which produces best results.
  2. Feedback
  3. X•Altea

There was some confusion about the mixing instructions. We encourage users to add X•Altea powder to hot (not boiling) water in order to “activate” the polyphenols and other ingredients. This is not a must-do. You can put X•Altea in your protein drink or smoothie. We’ve changed the instructions to read: “Enjoy hot or cold.”

The “residue issue.” We are milling and sifting the berry concentrates as fine as possible while maintaining the highest  level of polyphenols. To sift further would lower the polyphenol content and compromise product quality.  Bottom line: we hope you enjoy this product and understand that our goal is to provide the equivalent of a large bowl of fresh berries in a single rounded tsp. So there will be a little “grit” at the bottom of your glass. We hope you’ll add a bit more water to consume every milligram of this valuable product.

  1. MMIS: Multi-Mushroom Immune Support

Feedback has been positive on MMIS in canisters vs capsules, mostly because of the cost savings. Since one canister = 3 bottles of capsules, that translates to a savings of more than $24. For dose consistency, we include a small scoop in each canister, with one level scoop holding about 1200 mg of powder; the same as two capsules. This mixes well in a cup of coffee, or makes a very mild, neutral-tasting tea.

Q: What’s the new suggested use?

A: Even though we use mushroom concentrates as high as 3:1, we believe that one scoop should be included in your daily diet for comprehensive immune support; and double that at the first sign of infection.

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