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10 point program for maintaining optimum blood viscosity

1. Do not smoke
2. Highly varied natural foods diet with 70% of calories coming from plants. HVNFD lowers the amount of LDL in your blood.
3. Avoid sugar like the plague that it is
4. Regular exercise lowers triglycerides, reduces stress and improves circulation
5. Manage stress
6. Drink enough pure water to prevent dehydration.
Upon admission to hospital for any reason, >50% of people over 60 years of age are dehydrated.
7. Donate blood
Donating blood improves viscosity by removing red blood cells from circulation and stimulating the body to make new, more flexible replacements.
8. Manage inflammation with plant-based anti-infammatories like curcumin, scutellaria, acacia, morus alba. Get all those anti-inflammatory ingredients in Joint Venture available at
9. Maintain youthful levels of DHEA. Also available at
10. Then there’s an anti-inflammatory action of Omega-fats derived from fish oil, krill or algae. Omega-3 fats have multiple effects on blood viscosity. They lower triglycerides AND reduce inflammation
NOTE: Omega-3 benefits are related in part to their conversion to endocannabinoids. Exciting new research showing anti-inflammatory benefits of CBD oil. Looks like best benefits are obtained from a combination of fish oil and CBD but the ideal ratio is unknown.

10 Point Program for Optimum Blood Viscosity

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The Four Stages of Infection.

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