Newsletter for June / July 2024

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter for June / July 2024

By Stephen Cherniske


Website Woes

As you might have noticed, has been attacked and is under repair. If you have difficulty ordering, please consider joining our Friends and Family program, in which we keep your credit card in a non-hackable, non-digital file. Orders are placed with a simple email to me at with subject line: PRODUCT ORDER, or a call to our order line at 360-878-8751. No website hassles.

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Happy Summer from Stephen and Dr. Natalie

This newsletter is primarily about fish oil. Most people know that it’s a valuable supplement for heart health (blood viscosity and blood pressure) but research shows the potential for reducing inflammation throughout the body and brain. That can translate to improved joint comfort and range of motion, and reduced risk for a raft of diseases and conditions. After all, inflammation is the most damaging force in human physiology. What’s more, fish oil supplements become more valuable as we age, as they have been shown to reduce the loss of bone density and muscle mass in older adults.

Natalie and I chose Icelandic Omega 3 oil for two reasons:

  1. Ideal potency. Three capsules provide 900 mg of EPA, 600 mg of DHA and 300 mg of other omega-3 fatty acids including DPA. This is the amount most often used in clinical trials.
  2. Purity. Icelandic Omega-3 is purified using molecular distillation, which effectively removes heavy metals, PCBs and microplastics.

Never Stop Learning

In April, I announced our association with a Scandinavian company called Zinzino. As members of their Science Advisory Board, we had access to 50 years of fish oil research, their patent portfolio, and the research of Vitas Laboratory in Oslo. Vitas Analytical Services is a world leader in blood spot analysis, and their best product is a test that measures the balance of 11 fatty acids in the cell membrane of your red blood cells. The report that is provided is like a graduate course in lipid chemistry, but the simplified result is the most important, which is the ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 fatty acids.

The hunting and gathering diet produced a ratio very close to 1:1. With the advent of agriculture, that shifted towards omega 6, but the real problem started with the invention of commercial seed oils in the late 1800’s. Then we started eating more meat, and finally, in the 20th century, massive amounts of highly processed foods, most of which contained omega 6 fats, the worst being trans fats derived from hydrogenated oils. Think margarine,  french fries, doughnuts, microwave popcorn, frozen pizza and fried chicken. This resulted in a remarkable shift in cell membrane composition, with most Americans showing omega 6 to 3 ratios of 30 or even 60:1. Published research from around the world strongly suggests that a 3:1 ratio is desirable, and 2:1 is even better.

You need to know that this is a disease state, and it is silent. You do not feel your cells struggling to obtain the oxygen and fuel they need. You do not feel the cell’s inability to expel waste or conduct any of the tens of thousands of molecular tasks required for optimal health. It is a disease state because this also produces chronic inflammation, which again, is silent. And it remains silent because your conventional doctor is very likely to ignore it. Your annual blood chemistry does not include it, and you must wonder why.  I think I know. It is because there is no drug that fixes this problem. This problem is solved with a natural product, and they hate that.

Zinzino’s first breakthrough, then, is the Balance Test; a simple finger-stick blood spot test performed at home and sent to the lab in Oslo. With this test, you finally know the state of your cell membranes. Testing is better than guessing. And of course, the second breakthrough is Balance Oil + Here’s why it is unique and valuable.

  1. The purification of fish oil – as necessary as that is – strips out all the polyphenols that you get when you eat wild-caught fish. These polyphenols, derived from the fish’s diet of algae, plankton and marine plants, play a key role in the published research on omega-3 fatty acids. When you look at this research, you see that the most positive reports refer to eating a high omega-3 diet. The studies on purified fish oil alone are mixed.
  2. Zinzino studied thousands of plant compounds, looking for the best match for the polyphenols found in wild-caught sardines, mackerel and anchovy. Pre-harvest olives fit the bill, and what’s more, including Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) added an important omega 9 monounsaturated fat, called oleic acid. Finally, adding Vitamin D and mixed tocopherols makes this product truly unique. It’s like eating a wild-caught fish that had a spectacular diet; or as I like to say, the Mediterranean diet in a bottle. There is also a vegan option, where the omega 3 fatty acids are derived from algae and ahi flower.

Action Steps

We encourage everyone to test their Omega 6/3 ratio. You may know that our website, has been attacked (again), so the best way to obtain a Balance test is to call my cell at 360-556-8191. You can also leave me a text with a good time to call you back. The cost is less than you’d pay for an equivalent test at your doctor’s office. The OmegaCheck test is $125, and OmegaQuant is $99.95. Both require a blood draw (needle in your arm) and a doctor’s requisition. Zinzino’s Balance test is an easy finger stick and costs $79. For Healthy Skeptics Members, it’s $69.

Then What?

With more than 1.4 million tests performed, Vitas Labs has the world’s largest cell function data base. We know that 95% of Europeans and nearly 99% of Americans are out of balance. To restore a 3:1 ratio, they recommend taking Balance Oil+ for 120 days, and then re-test. In one clinical trial, 95% of subjects achieved at least a 3.5:1 ratio. More important than the number, of course, are the results. As expected, benefits appear first in tissues with rapidly turning over cells. Think skin and the lining of the gut. With consistent use, users report improved joint comfort and range of motion. Since the average person replaces roughly 300 billion cells per day, you are literally building a better body.

What’s the Balance Oil cost, compared to Icelandic Omega 3?

Zinzino offers a number of subscription packs, the most popular being one test and a bottle of Balance Oil for $109. For month 2 and 3, you are billed $42 for the oil. At month 4, you are billed $42 and Zinzino sends you a test for free. An even better value – for couples, provides two of everything for only $189. To set this up, please call my cell at 360-556-8191, or Natalie at 360-451-1839.

The Icelandic omega 3 oil is less expensive. A two-pack is only $59 (Member price: $48). But to approximate the composition of Balance Oil, you have to add a high-potency polyphenol product like X•Altea or Joint Venture, as well as a premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).

Your Choice

Whichever path you select, we urge you to start with a test, and re-test after 120 days. One additional benefit:  Anyone who signs up for a Balance Oil subscription will receive one year Healthy Skeptics VIP Membership, worth $99.00. If you are already a Member, that will be extended for an additional year.

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