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We created a guide to help people find and verify accurate & relevant Health information.

We have many assets and resources in place, including books, websites, two completed shows, Dr. Kather’s clinic and Foxtrail Farms. We need video and editing equipment, research instruments, additional metabolic testing equipment, food processing equipment, money for staff and legal fees.  If we do not reach 100% our fundraising  goals, we  will apply the funds to the most pressing need: making Healthy Skeptics membership an exciting value.

Become a Healthy Skeptics Champion Today. Our Mission is to provide the most accurate scientific facts on today’s health fads. Come with us as we explore and help uncover the Truth about Health Supplements, Diets and Emerging Technologies. We will guide you on what to Explore or Ignore!

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Everything You Need to Know About Metabolism

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Health conscious consumers today are confused and frustrated. Their email and Facebook pages are filled with outlandish hype and often outright lies. At the same time, they’re aware that spectacular advances are being made in preventive and regenerative health care.

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