FAQ: Regarding the optimal dose and time to take Altea Nano CBD

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FAQ: Regarding the optimal dose and time to take Altea Nano CBD

The benefits of CBD derive from its ability to bind to endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body and brain. Because we all make cannabinoids, (mostly from essential fats like EPA and DHA) the optimal dose cannot be determined. It appears, for example, that people who supplement with fish oil (an excellent source of EPA and DHA) may need a lower dose of CBD to achieve health benefits, while people who do not eat fish or fish oil may need more. In addition, the synthesis of cannabinoids from EPA and DHA varies from person to person and declines with advancing age.

Saying that, here’s what we’ve learned from CBD research and feedback from our Healthy Skeptics Members. 

  1. Most people are under-dosing. By 2019, it was clear that our high-potency gelcaps (each providing 30 mg of CBD) were out-selling our tincture (15 mg CBD per dropper) almost two to one. People using higher doses were getting better results, especially in regards to chronic pain, anxiety and sleep quality.
  2. The addition of Altea Nano CBD, introduced in November, 2021 has produced a wider range and faster delivery of benefits. There are two reasons for this:
  3. Unequalled potency. Altea’s Nano CBD is six times as potent as conventional CBD oil tinctures. Nine drops of Altea Nano CBD provides 30 mg of CBD.
  4. Improved bioavailability. Nano processing creates a particle size so small that the material becomes water-dispersible. Thus faster and greater absorption, as well as greater distribution to tissues throughout the body.
  5. Determining your optimal dose and timing of Altea Nano CBD requires some experimenting. Here are some guidelines based on your health goals. Remember that it is best to add Altea Nano CBD to water or another beverage, rather than trying to measure a specific number of drops directly under your tongue.
  6. People dealing with chronic pain generally benefit the most from 10 to 15 drops three times a day.
  7. For improved sleep quality, start with 10 drops at bedtime. Add a few drops to that dose until you experience best results.
  8. For anxiety, human clinical trials have shown that a single dose of 200 to 300 mg of CBD right before a stressful event (eg public speaking) worked better than a low dose (100 mg) or a very high dose of 600 mg.
  9. For general well-being, many of our Members are reporting best results with 10 to 15 drops at bedtime and another 10 or 12 drops mid-morning on an empty stomach.

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