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We know this is a lot to do, but in this confusing and rapidly changing world of health and wellness, it’s important work; a service to which we are 100% devoted.

We plan to call out – by name –  the scammers, whackos and fear-mongers.

Think of the internet as a community commons, like the park where you play with your kids. You wouldn’t let someone walk around and throw garbage all over. So let’s take action and restore scientific integrity to the internet.   Together, we can guide millions of health conscious people into what CAN be a golden age of wellness… if you know what to explore and what to ignore.

Metabolic Hype. Part II

Most webaloney contains a smattering of good advice and a raft of utter nonsense. Yes, we should prevent dehydration by drinking pure water, but drinking “miracle” drinks will not improve your metabolic fitness. 1. Caffeine is not a metabolic “booster” except for the limited advantage it affords [...]

Of Course Your Tired

"You’re just getting older." "Learn to live with it." Phrases like these echo from the media, your tired friends and your conventional doctor, creating a kind of hypnosis, leading to the 21st century plague of obesity and apathy. Let’s invent a new word: Obapathy. I want to suggest that this did [...]