Metabolic Modifiers

Metabolism (how the body generates, stores and uses energy) is an extremely complex interaction of genetics, lifestyle, diet and age-related factors.  Since you can’t choose your parents or turn back time, everyone tends to focus on diet and lifestyle when it comes to improving energy and maintaining ideal weight. But there’s a BIG problem. Everyone knows what to do. Eat less, exercise more. And that works for a small number of extremely motivated people. The vast majority try and fail over and over, because:

1. Exercise doesn’t feel good.

2. Dieting is torture

3. They don’t experience lasting benefits


Roughly 20% of adults in North America are “naturally thin.” They have abundant energy, never have to count calories, and love to exercise because it makes them feel invigorated.

Stephen and Natalie have spent decades studying naturally thin people, including gene assays to learn what gives them this metabolic advantage.

They reported on this research in their book, The Metabolic Makeover, and will continue to update on the use of Metabolic Modifiers for Healthy Skeptic members.

Look for brand new research on intermittent exercise.

Bottom line: this program can give any motivated person the metabolic advantage of a naturally thin person.

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