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Genetics / Genomics

We know this is a lot to do, but in this confusing and rapidly changing world of health and wellness, it’s important work; a service to which we are 100% devoted.

We plan to call out – by name –  the scammers, whackos and fear-mongers.

Think of the internet as a community commons, like the park where you play with your kids. You wouldn’t let someone walk around and throw garbage all over. So let’s take action and restore scientific integrity to the internet.   Together, we can guide millions of health conscious people into what CAN be a golden age of wellness… if you know what to explore and what to ignore.

What is CRISPR gene editing?

What is CRISPR gene editing? Stephen Cherniske In the short (roughly 50 year) history of genetics, I have always thought that there must be a lot we can learn from bacteria. These genetically simple organisms conduct incredibly complex feats in order to survive and proliferate. Bacteria have bee [...]

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Stem cells and telomeres Oh My!

Got lots of questions this week about whether Univera has a telomere activator and/ or a stem cell stimulator. The answer is no, we do not jump on bandwagons, especially when there are safety issues and paper thin data on efficacy. Remember that the overriding principle in heath care is the risk [...]