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We know this is a lot to do, but in this confusing and rapidly changing world of health and wellness, it’s important work; a service to which we are 100% devoted.

We plan to call out – by name –  the scammers, whackos and fear-mongers.

Think of the internet as a community commons, like the park where you play with your kids. You wouldn’t let someone walk around and throw garbage all over. So let’s take action and restore scientific integrity to the internet.   Together, we can guide millions of health conscious people into what CAN be a golden age of wellness… if you know what to explore and what to ignore.


The Bottom Line on Dairy For those who are not lactose intolerant or allergic to milk, dairy products can be an important source of protein, vitamins, minerals essential fats and beneficial probiotics. Dairy products have been consumed by about 450 generations, which in the span of human history is [...]

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The Fat Burning Zone – Clinical Update

“I’ve been doing cardio level exercise for a month at the gym, and I just can’t lose this fat!” Mrs. V. was frustrated that her aggressive exercise approach had failed to reduce her belly fat. We performed VO2 max testing on her and she truly had been working out at a heart rate that was high into [...]

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More on the Vegan Protein Debate

More utter nonsense about vegan protein, this time from, which reprinted an article from Natural News, one of the worst sources of health information on the internet. The author makes grossly inaccurate statements that only serve to mislead people considering a vegan diet. Accordin [...]

The Front Lines of the Sugar war

Can you believe that William Dufty’s landmark book, Sugar Blues, became a best-seller in 1975?  Since 1996, my books have sold more than a million copies, each one describing the metabolic disaster that sugar represents. And if the science is not compelling enough, I try to stimulate outrage by [...]

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vegan-vegetarian-omnivore debate

Whether vegetarian and vegans live longer and enjoy better health than non-vegetarians is an ongoing debate. In The Metabolic Makeover, Chapter 6, Natalie and I argue (with published biomedical evidence) that the vegetarian advantage only exists when compared to “average” North American meat-ea [...]

Soy Story

From thebook, The Metabolic Makeover by Stephen Cherniske and Dr. Natalie Kather. (Altea Media 2013) In the 80s and 90s, soy was the savior of mankind. It was going to replace meat, prevent cancer and heart disease, and feed a growing world population. Then in 2000, suddenly soy was poison. I w [...]

Metabolic Hype. Part I

As a biochemist specializing in energy metabolism, and married to a board-certified physician specializing in women’s health, the daily barrage of articles, internet blogs and FaceBook posts relating to metabolism is starting to really chafe my fanny. If I see one more headline promising “10 eas [...]

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More on Artificial Sweeteners

A lot of questions about the study in the journal Nature entitled “Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota.” Journalists in every news outlet are parroting this alarming study, but as usual, there is a problem that I call WARTS. Who Actually Read The Stud [...]

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Metabolic Makeover UPDATE

See if this applies to you. You’re in fairy good shape, but you have a desk job. When you get off work, you have a commute home that is not exactly enjoyable. The last thing you feel like doing as you pull into your driveway is a workout. So you sit in your favorite chair and kick back with a gl [...]

Vitamin C Corn-troversy

Lots of questions this week about Univera's bone-support product 206-Complete; the name derived from the 206 bones in the human body. Because vitamin C increases the bioavailability of calcium, we included 30 mg of ascorbic acid in the formula. Apparently, that runs afoul of the latest nutrition [...]

Sucralose and scientific integrity

As you may know, I’m part of a cadre of scientists devoted to helping maintain a modicum of scientific integrity on the internet. “Help Stop Webaloney” is my passionate plea, and I really think things are getting better as more and more people stop to question the validity of information before [...]

Here We Go Again

I woke up this morning to yet another alarming (and misleading) headline on my health and wellness news feed: Meat and Dairy-Rich Diets May Quadruple Cancer Death Risk. So before it hits the mainstream media (and your in-box) let me defuse the issue by explaining what the study actually shows. F [...]

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Your Worry List

This will be a regular FB feature for me, since it is the most common type of question I get. It is natural to be concerned, especially about safety and health issues. Caution has brought humanity this far. But the internet has created a new way for people to grab your attention, and that is to [...]

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Your Worry List Part II, pH Balance

The Acid/ Alkaline Mystery SOLVED Stephen Cherniske, M.S. Acid/alkaline balance has got to be the most puzzling concept in the area of nutritional health. The terms "acid", "acidifying" and "alkalinizing" have been misused in health food literature so often, that by now, most everyone is hopele [...]

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The FAT truth

That triple bacon cheeseburger will kill you, even if you are not obese. Turns out that adipose tissue is a dumping ground for excess dietary fat. OK no surprises there, but listen to this. Getting fatter is actually part of the body's defense against unhealthy eating. Health risks skyrocket ei [...]