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May-June Newsletter 2023

Altea Health Sciences / Healthy Skeptics Newsletter May-June, 2023 Stephen Cherniske, MS Natalie Kather, MD[read more...]

November Newsletter 2022

November Newsletter 2022 November is the time to be thankful, a time to remember, and[read more...]

Newsletter for October 2022

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter for October 2022 Stephen Cherniske, MS About the author: Stephen Cherniske taught[read more...]

June 2022 Newsletter

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter June 2022 NewsletterStephen Cherniske COVID I know, it’s confusing and depressing. Just[read more...]

January Healthy Skeptics Newsletter

Healthy Skeptics Newsletter January , 2022Stephen Cherniske The ongoing pandemic has taken a number of[read more...]

February 2021 Newsletter

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Aches & Pains

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Breakthrough Research with Dogs

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Anti-body Testing

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Kids and Covid-19

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COVID UPDATE for July 1, 2020 Autopsy reports continue to show a problem of abnormal[read more...]

Four Stages of Infection

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