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CannaRadiance™ 2.0 ~ Clinical Trial “CLOSED”

A topical CBD, Aloe and Vitamin A ~ Skin Care Cream
This trial is for 50 subjects. Once filled, the CannaRadiance 2.0 Trial Form will be taken down. The good news is that the first production run will be available on July 20. 

CannaRadiance™ 2.0

Developed by The Healthy Skeptics ~ Now with 25% More CBD

a topical CBD, Aloe and Vitamin A cream, was developed primarily for acne, and has proven to be remarkably effective.

We have, however received exciting reports from people with more serious skin issues, and thus CannaRadiance 2.0 with 25% more CBD and.

If you have “worrisome” spots on your face, back, neck or shoulders…if your dermatologist or doctor has told you to “keep an eye” on these spots…

You are invited to send for a FREE  applicator of CannaRadiance 2.0.

Pay only $7.95 to cover shipping and handling. In return, we are asking participants to fill out a questionnaire, take before and after photos (smartphone is fine) and check back with your doctor after three or four weeks.

We are confident that you AND your doctor will be very pleased. 

Clinical trial for people with skin “issues.” 

Clinical Trial Participants

People taking part in the clinical trial, please email your before & after photo’s to:

Email Subject: CannaRadiance 2.0 TRIAL

CannaRadiance Questionnaire:  Coming Soon

PLEASE NOTE: When CannaRadiance is sent to high elevations (eg Denver) or when airmail is used (eg to the East coast) pressure may build up in the tube. Thus, on first use, please remove the cap slowly, wait 20 seconds and apply gentle pressure to the plunger, in order to deliver 1 mL of cream. 

Let The Therapy Begin!

Each applicator contains full spectrum hemp oil standardized to provide 125 mg of CBD, together with 25,000 iu Retinol, and vitamin E in a base of Aloe vera, tropical oils and medicinal plant extracts.

If this unique skin therapy product was available on Amazon, it would sell for $99 or more. We will offer this product for $49.95, and with your Healthy Skeptics membership, the cost will be $39.95 with FREE shipping. But for right now, we have 50 tubes for only $7.95.

All we ask in return if for you to fill out a questionnaire and take before and after photos.

CannaRadiance 2.0 will be available after July 20th

Member Pricing

$39951 Tube / 2 Week Supply
  • CannaRadiance™


$49951 Tube / 2 Week Supply
  • CannaRadiance™

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