Breakthrough Research with Dogs

Breakthrough Research with Dogs

10 Point Program for Optimum Blood Viscosity

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The Four Stages of Infection.

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Altea Health Sciences

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2 thoughts on “Breakthrough Research with Dogs

  1. Teresa Bright says:

    Thank you Stephen for the DHEA for dogs. My 14 year old cocker had a couple of skin surgeries in the last 6 months to remove warty weird bleeding oozing masses. The Vet could not believe how fast and easily she healed after the surgery. She is clearly aging and with Cushing’s disease he couldn’t believe that the skin on her ear healed quickly and with no infection. Best, Teresa

  2. Teresa Bright says:

    Stephen, We have a 5 year old German Shorthaired Pointer. He is very athletic and healthy.
    When is it appropriate to start him on DHEA? Is there any way to check blood levels of DHEA in dogs?
    Thanks, Teresa

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